Working from Home

Now that many companies are adopting some form of hybrid work model, it seems certain we will continue working from home in the future, at least some of the time.

In this section, we discuss a range of factors which need to be considered, now that working from home has become a more permanent fixture in many of our lives. These considerations include:

  1. Having the right WFH equipment and set-up,
  2. Assessing the configuration of the home office for OH&S compliance, and
  3. Mitigating cybersecurity risks.

Further reading

Internationally renowned academic expert on the future of work and the workplace, Dr Libby Sander, shares some tips on how to create a work from home space that really works:


Please see below for examples of a hybrid work policy template (from Employment Hero) and a home workstation ergonomics self-assessment (produced by the Government of Western Australia).

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