Burnout is a condition which occurs when workers feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. In this section we discuss some likely causes, symptoms, and a range of measures which can help reduce it happening. 

The World Health Organization defines burnout as “a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress – that is characterized by feelings of exhaustion or energy depletion, negative or cynical feelings related to a job, and reduced professional capability.”

Whilst there are a range of wellness techniques that individuals can use to reduce burnout, managing burnout isn’t just the responsibility of the individual, it is also the responsibility of the organization. 

This infographic, created using insights and advice from the Black Dog Institute, is designed to help leader spot the signs of stress and anxiety in employees and offer tips for how to manage both.

Source: https://www.hrmonline.com.au/employee-wellbeing/tips-addressing-stress-and-anxiety-work-infographic/#msdynttrid=zWmJVsUn8uLHESo8lNcjrM3aKWZ4j_k2Jh1AMAJOsRU

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After completing this section, take a look at the report from Flare HR below, which discusses the impact of burnout and how organizations might tackle the root of the problem.

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