Associate Professor John Hopkins (PhD)

John Hopkins has been one of the world's leading researchers on flexible and remote work trends for the past decade, successfully delivering projects for large organizations, small businesses and governments across the globe, and is a renowned LinkedIn Top Voice on the future of work.

John has also worked as a university lecturer for almost 15 years, teaching mostly postgraduate management students and executive education, and has won an array of awards for his engaging teaching style and contemporary content development.

This course offers him the unique opportunity to share the important lessons, best practices, considerations and strategies he has learned, from working with organizations who have already moved to a 4-day week.


Mastering the 4-day week will place your organization in a great position, to benefit from a range of business outcomes other companies have achieved after moving to this way of working, including:

* Happier and healthier staff,

* Improved productivity,

* Increased staff retention,

* Reduced absenteeism,

* Improved ability to attract talent.


By completing this short course you will gain the skills that will enable you to:   

* Gain an improved awareness of the key benefits that are possible from the 4-day week, from both an employer and employee perspective,  

* Recognize the key challenges, and some practical considerations, other firms have had to overcome when they moved to a 4-day week,  

* Define the key steps for implementing a 4-day work week, and recognize the importance of establishing appropriate performance measures, as valuable indicators of success/failure. 


When purchasing this course you will receive full, unrestricted, lifelong access to:

* 9 x video tutorials,

* 100% asynchronous study experience - study where, when and at the pace that suits you,

* Specifically designed tasks and activities, to help you acquire and apply, the desired skills and knowledge,

* 14-day money back guarantee,

* Final quiz, to test yourself on what you've learned from the course.


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