Welcome to the course

Welcome to Mastering the 4-Day Week!!

Earlier this year, I interviewed a range of companies who have already moved to a 4-day work week, to ask them - why they did this, what benefits they’ve gained, what challenges they encountered, and what advice they have for other firms who are also thinking about moving to a 4DW or 9-day fortnight - and the findings from those interviews were the motivation for this course.

It is designed for managers who wish to explore the benefits of the 4DW for themselves, or for employees who are keen to learn more, so they can start a serious conversation with their manager about the positive impact a 4-day week could have at their business. You'll find that it's jam-packed with practical information, all grounded in rigorous academic research, and based on the experiences of senior business leaders who have already successfully implemented the 4-day week at their companies.  

Over nine short lessons, we will cover the following:

  • We begin with some brief history about the 4-day week, discuss where the idea first started, and why it’s gaining such popularity again in this post-Covid era, 
  • Next, we focus on the potential benefits of moving to a 4-day week, from both the employer, and employee's perspective,
  • Then, we take a look at some of the different 4-day week designs already out there, and the type of businesses where they work best, 
  • We discuss some of the common challenges companies have encountered when moving to a 4-day week and ways you might overcome them,
  • Then, we assess some worktime reduction strategies proven to help fit 5 day’s worth of work into just 4 days, as well as some practical considerations for operating a 4-day week model,
  • Finally, we finish off with a round-up of all the key learnings and make some suggestions regarding the next steps you need to take, if your organization would like to move to a 4-day week. 

So, let's get started with a brief history of the origins of the 4-day week!

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